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Plication vs. VSG

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I am wondering why have so many jumped onto the Plication surgery vs. the VSG? The only difference I have found is the permanance of VSG. Your thoughts, your reasoning are needed. It is said if one has the question there is at least one other who has it as well. I thought it was a good topic to address.

Sincerely, Aksonflower

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Great question. For me it was a couple of things. One - I am doing a revision from a band and I can do plication and band removal at the same time. That might not be possible with the Sleeve. Also I don't want to do anything that permanently removes part of me. I know - Plication is not really reversable after a bit - but atleast it's all still there.

Also for me - I have a smaller amount to lose (about 37 lbs) so I didn't need to consider the Sleeve or bypass.

Hope that helps.


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I had a revision from the band to VSG done in one surgery, so it is possible. I chose the VSG because I did want something permanent and there just wasn't enough research done on the plication for me. VSG has been around a long time. Good Luck in whatever you choose!

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I chose the sleeve because the Plication is new and something about folding, tucking and sewing I didn't feel comfortable with. You also get a faster weight loss with the Sleeve, so depending on how much weight you want to lose would also be a deciding factor. The doctors are a very useful tool to use to help you with what would be the best way to go for your situation.

Also a bariatric doctor state side, told me that he if they could choose just one surgery to do (they are doing the plication yet, however.) he would choose to only do the sleeve because he has seen the most success with it and less complications. When I went to see him, I was "thinking" lap band. He mentioned the sleeve and so I began researching that and decided to go with it versus the lap band.

I was just sleeved 14 days and have NO regrets. My recovery has been great, I had no pain from the surgery and am excited to what this journey unfold.

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