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Friends along for support?

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My husband an I have made the appointment for the Gastric Sleeve with Dr. Ortiz for Aug 1st. We are bringing his brother and wife with us for support.

Will we be feeling well enough after the surgery to go out and about. If so is there any places to have some fun? Go shopping etc?

Are we allowed to go over the border back into the states and then come back in the evening to the hotel?

We were told that we would stay overnight in the hospital and then we could go back to our hotel but we would have to get our drain checked every day for 5 days more. Do they come to the hotel room? Or do we need to go there? Are we going to need a rental car?

I'm just not sure if having people come along just to sit in a hotel room while we recover from surgery sounds like a fun time for them.

We are flying in from the North East coast of the US so the flight will be a long one. Should I be prepared in any way for the flight back?

Any feedback from the more experienced would be appreciated.


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I was there on june 11 and i had the and done but one of the girls that was with us had the sleeve done.... You will be up and walking around that day after everything is done because you have to walk.... the visitation is over at 4 and your family will go back to the hotel... and you will stay over night... They take you back and forth to occ but you really dont want to rent a car oh my god there are crazy drivers there.... They do not come to the hotel but the hotel vans you there when ever you want to go.... I took my boyfreind and he helped me walk around but since you will be on an 8 hr fast and then you will be limited to what you have to drink and you only get broth your energy level is low... It is nice to have family withyou but maybe they should realize that they will have to go out and about bye them selfs and you will need your rest....

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I just returned on the 3rd of July from having the gastric sleeve surgery on the 27th of June.I have done GREAT! They had me up walking within an hour or so of the surgery. Then I was discharged about 10am the next day. That day we just went back to the hotel and stayed in the room and watched one of the 5 english channels on the TV.. There is a DVD player in the TV, so I suggest bringing some movies that you want to see if you are a TV watcher.

There are things for them to do. There is shopping and food and entertainment on Revolution Blvd. (Expect to be hackled with the shop owners wanting you to come in and look at their stuff. However, you can negotiate good deals too.)There are a lot of handmade items here and leather made goods, etc. Definitely worth a ride there... It also isn't far from the clinic and the driver charged us $5.

There is also a shopping center within about a .5 mile. If they are walkers, they could walk it, but a lot of it is up hill. We took a taxi there a couple days from the hotel (Seems like everywhere we went the cost of the taxi was never more than $5). There is a starbucks, Applebees, Walmart, Nike and Puma stores, etc there a long with some other unique shops. The Wais what blew our mind. That center also has a food court and another local restaurant. There is also a Costco right near the clinic, behind it I think and an applebees right beside the clinic. There is also another actual shopping mall with sears, etc. I was also told there is a beach nearby that would take maybe 30 minutes to get there via mexi-coach. Taxi may also take you but not sure of the cost.

The hotel employees are all very accommodating so if you want other suggestions, they will be happy to guide you.

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The Lucerna is a lot nicer than the Marriott. It is closer to OCC, shopping and super yummy food for your companions. Never pay more than $5 for a taxi. Some may try to rip you off. Make sure to visit Revolution Ave before you return home.

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