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when do you get your first fill?

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When did you get your first fill after surgery? And if you used a fill center, which one and were you happy with the results?

They say any where from 6 weeks on after surgery. I got my first fill 10 weeks after surgery. Where to get your fill is one of the issues you need to resolve before surgery. I guess it depends on where you live or how close you live to San Diego. Your going to get the best fills at the OCC, but if you can't get back there you need to find a place to get them. You can expect to have 1 to 6 fills during your first year of being banded. You just can't know how many your going to need, everyone is different. As far as the "Fill Centers" go, there are good ones and bad ones. Talk to your surgery coordinator and find out if there are any doctors in your home area that can help you with this. Or you can email me and I have a small list of doctors that will do fills for patients that have been banded in Mexico. Or you can ask other lap banders through a post here at the forum.

PS, I love my band!!!

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