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Went To See the Doctor that wanted me to have Bariatric Surgery

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Yesterday I had an appointment with my Pulmonary Specialist. He is the one that kick started this journey for me. He did what is standard and referred me to a local bariatric group that is very good and well known. The problem became the fact that I was not covered under my insurance and I also had a Hiatal Hernia to repair. The problem came when I couldn't afford the $20,000 they were wanting for the sleeve plus the additional 20% for the Hernia repair that insurnance does not cover. With the way medical costs are these days, I was probably looking at an additional $3000 for that. THIS is where Dr. Ortiz and the Obesity Control Center come in.

When he came in to the room, he asked how progress was going with the doctor he referred me too. My husband said it was done. Dr. D is thinking this means surgery is done and so he asks "You have had the surgery already?" I said "Yes, but not with Dr. Antonnetti. I have a story to tell you." So I told him the story and how it led me to Dr. Ortiz. The look on his face when I told him I went to Mexico to get the surgery, was priceless. It was more of a "Shock" but not in a bad way (Mouth dropped open, eyes widened!). He became VERY interested in my journey and he even wrote down Dr. Ortiz's name and the name of his center and took lots of notes. We told him all about it and the fact that the center is also an International Center of Excellence. I have a feeling he has a lot of patients that are in our same situation. Need to lose the weight for better health but either do not have insurance or insurance doesn't cover it. So, I told him how much it cost us and included our stay at the Marriot and my meals, with daily check ins at the center for bandage changes, etc. He even asked if it was laproscopic and I showed him my scars that are still healing. He was very impressed. He said I had certainly done my homework. He was really tickled because he couldn't stop smiling. He has put me on a different nebulizer medicine and wants me to take it at night before bed because my asthma has been acting up at night. So, while the nurse was getting my medicine and prescription together, he was reviewing Xrays for another patient and told me to keep him posted on my progress and he can't wait to SEE my progress when I return in 6 months. I said I will. He said something else and I don't remember what it was but I responded with, "Well, you told me I needed to have the surgery. So, I did it! Aren't you proud of me for listening?" He laughed and said, "Yes, I am very proud of you!!!! I will tell you that you are braver than I am, but I think what you have done is great!"

I came away from that appointment very happy and uplifted and was glad that Dr. D was so receptive of my decision AND he had already witnessed the results because he was showing I had lost 25 pounds since I was in his office last. (I have actually lost more, but my body is retaining fluid, so I am showing a few pounds heavier.. hopefully that will be gone by the weekend.)

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