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I will be going for my first fill in a week and a half but the place that is closest to me does not use a floriscope and i am not sure what to do..... Cant anyone help me with this???

I have not had a fill as of yet, am scheduled for one in mid September but I would not go where they could not do fluorscopic fills. I have heard that they sometimes cannot find the port and are "poking" you way more than what I want. Just my opinion

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I've only had my fills done without it -- the only clinic around me that would do my fill doesn't offer it.

They have you lay down on your back, so usually, the port can be felt, even if it's through a thick layer of fat.

Don't worry - they're professionals, and they know what they're feeling for. It's not a big deal if they have to go int a couple times to find the spot.

It happened to me a first .. again, not a big deal, as the need is thin and it's worth the extra pinch.

If anything, it's the amount of fill you should be concerned about.

You don't want your fills to be done aggressively, causing a serious overfill.

I went back 3 times, with 3 month time spans (the recommended time between fills) before I felt any real restriction.

This is on the side of caution, but the way you want your fills to be done, if they're done blind (without flouro)

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If you can, look up reviews of the fill center you are going to. Not having floro isn't the end of the world. I've had all mine done with floro, but my friend hasn't and shes doing well. Lindsay is right, just be careful not to be too agressive with fills. :) Good luck!

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