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As you fellow WLSers are my support system when all others have failed, I have a confession to make. Over the last few months when I thought I was maintaining and thus not keeping good track of my intake and in addition slacking off on my exercise I have unfortunately allowed 10 lbs to sneak back on. I stepped on the scale yesterday and was dismayed at what I had done. I could offer all sorts of excuses but really, as you all know, there are few that are really valid and I don't have a single valid excuse other than stupidity, ignorance and just plain laziness.

That being said, I jumped back on the "wagon" yesterday, have restarted my food journal, started hydrating correctly, and climbed aboard my incline trainer. Yesterday, I only did 10 minutes and then gave myself the right to step off. Today, feeling more in control I managed to walk/jog diamond head trail on my incline trainer. I ended up with an overall speed of 19 min mile and did the 1.5 -/+ trail.

I leave for the OCC in 5 weeks and don't want to have to be ashamed of myself in the presence tense when I get there.

Thanks for listening.


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Smile, you're OK. We all have our little bumps in the road. Great recognizing this and getting back on the "band" wagon!

You'll do fine - just follow the program you're on now and keep up the hard work - its not a diet, this is a lifelong commitment and we have to learn how to incorporate these changes in our lives so that they will stick - forever. That's the hard part, not loosing the weight but learning how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and that takes commitment and time. And we're all going to blow it from time to time - so we have to have forgiveness for ourselves and love - otherwise we delve into that dark realm of continued failure - and that's no fun.

Have fun with your new plan!

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Lisal said it so perfectly. I just want to say, good for you for getting in control so quickly. That's not always an easy thing to do (who among us doesn't know that) and I recognize and appreciate how much it means to me that you have shared your experience. Everyone's experiences whether they be good or bad are so valuable as we continue along this new path. My route is slow and has hit a few bumps in the road, and it helps to know that I'm not the "odd man out", and instead gives me more drive to keep it going forward. Think I'll hit the exercise bike right now :-) Thanks for sharing and you're doing great!

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I agree with everyone else..in fact I have said that I don't care how long it takes or how many mistakes I make along the way I will NOT ever go back..sometimes I feel like there is so much change occurring that I have to stop and let myself, body, mind, and life, catch up..sometimes over the past year and a half I would just not want to weigh, measure, fiddle with food. Especially since I work 12-14 hours days three times a week and into the evening..Good news it that you reach the place you did where you stop and re-assess the situation and start up where you left off..not continue falling back, this is where one of the big changes in my life has occured..like I said no matter how long it takes!!


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