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Florida (Naples) Fill Doctor?

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Good morning all!! Its been ages since I have been to the forum and I'm not used to the "new look". Well for me its a new look - and I'm not sure the proper place to post this would be. If I should post elsewhere - just let me know! :)

I haven't had a fill in just over two years (a week after my daughter was born was my last fill) and I'm wanting to get a new one. I do have a Dr. here in town but not too fond of his bedside manner and therefore don't care to go back to him. We are heading to Florida in February to be with my parents for a couple of weeks and I thought that while I was down there I would look at getting a fill .....Does anyone know of a Dr. who does fills (Fluoroscopy would be great) in the Naples area? Even if its not Naples but surrounding area -- we are heading up to Tampa as well ... so even there .....

Thanks everyone!!

Alana :)

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