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Pre-Op Diet for Sleeve

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Hi Everybody,

My name is Dottie and I live in the Cayman Islands. I had LapBand surgery with Dr. Ortiz in August 2007. Had my first fill in Oct 4, 2007. Went back to work in the Caymans and did okay for about 8 months losing weight. Band was really tight in the AM and somewhat tight for lunch and fine for dinner. And then all of a sudden, Band was too tight...had a hard time with liquids... no matter what time of the day. So, I was on a liquid diet for about 2 months until I could get back to the States for an unfill. Had an unfill in August of 2008. Lost some more weight... total loss from pre-op diet to lowest was 77 pounds... from 307 to 230 in about one year.

Stopped losing weight... but, afraid to get fill that might restrict too much again. Overall, just not happy with band... my fault since I can't get fills and unfills readily. So, I have gained most of my weight back and and am miserable. I realize that the Band was not maybe the best choice for me considering my location.

So... new chapter! I am looking to get the Band removed and the Gastric Sleeve revision done with Dr. Ortiz. I think that the Sleeve will be a much better fit for me. So, now... I am planning my new adventure/lifestyle change. I have been in contact with OCC about the revision surgery and have been told that I need to be on (liquids only) for two weeks (minimum) prior of the surgery.

Has anyone else had to do this? And what were your diet instructions? How soon were you able to go back to work? I have a very physical job - lifting scuba tanks and diving everyday... will I have enough energy? I am hoping to have this revision surgery done when I come to the States in October. Any and all feedback would be welcome!

Thanks, Dottie

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I too am looking at the Gastric Sleeve after my band failed. I have gained back all of the 75 pounds I lost with my band (November 6, 2006). I am sure my band slipped and it was causing me extreme heartburn. I had a complete unfill, but now it is not in a place where I can get it filled again.

The liquid diet for the weeks prior to the surgery is to make sure that there is no swelling in the stomach. For myself, I am thinking with the scar tissue from the slipped band and the really bad heartburn, I need the liquid diet to make sure the stomach is in its most natural state and then they will know exactly the right amount of stomach to take off. If there is still swelling or too much scar tissue from the band, sometimes they have to remove the band in one surgery and then do the gastric sleeve at another time usually a few months later.

When I book my sleeve, I want to be able to follow the liquid diet before hand so that I don't have to make another trip. I live in Canada and it is not the easiest to make all the arrangements needed for one surgery, so I certainly don't want to do it for two.

You can have any kind of liquid, so protein shakes would probably be something that would be necessary to keep up with the activity you do in your job.

I am kind of nervous about getting this procedure done, but I am more nervous about staying in this condition for the rest of my life.


Banded Nov 6/06

Wanting revision to Gastric Sleeve

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as far as I know everyone has to do the preop diet. The OCC can email you the diet. I was offered 3 choices but I don't know if every is offered that. I think the major reason is your liver stores Fat when having laparoscopic surgery it is better to decrease the size of the liver to navigate the belly better as your liver is right next/above your stomach.

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Okay.... I am booked! Doing the Revision surgery (lapband to sleeve) on October 8, 2012. I have to lose 32 pounds before my surgery... I am worried, but excited at the same time. My Mom went with me when I had my Lapband done and it was great having her support. I don't know that I want to ask her to go with me for the Revision... alot more days in Tijuana.

For those of you that have done the Revision surgery... what did you do all day? I know that we go back to OCC to get the drain checked once a day... were you comfortably walking around Tijuana? Anything to go see or must do's? (That are do-able after the surgery)

I have a very good friend that has volunteered to go with me... she had a gastric by-pass several years ago and has lost over 250 pounds...so, I know she would be good support. Any thoughts or feelings on doing it alone or with someone?

Thanks to everyone for listening to me!

Cheers, Dottie

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Hi Dottie,

I am also scheduled for a band revision on October 8 so I guess the two of us will be starting the pre op diet at the same time. I was banded in October of 2009 and experienced great success during the first year. My lowest weight was 185 which was only 10lbs from my goal weight! Then one night things went bad for me after I exercised too soon after eating. I was jogging and was forced to "pull over" at the three mile mark and vomit, really hard several times, in order to remove the block. I think it was the combination of dense chicken and the jostling of the food in the pouch that irritated my band... but wow, was it bad.

I kept to liquids for three days afterwards and then tried mushies, but from that point on things weren't as good. So I went in and had a partial unfill which gave me some relief for a couple of days and then for no apparent reason, things tightened up again... to the point of not being able to even get water down. My doctor completely emptied my band at that point and it remained empty for about six weeks before we started filling it again. I never again reached that "sweet spot" and started to experience acid reflux some nights. Oh, yeah, and I started gaining weight again which is pretty depressing. I finally decided that, although initially the lap band was a great tool for me, it was no longer working and had to go.

I am not really looking forward to the pre op fast. It is so hard to not eat food -especially when everone around you is enjoying theirs so much! But, I am getting my head wrapped around the pre op liquid diet and am planning on starting on September 8 (one week early, I know, but I figure it can't hurt). I bought a product called Isopure: 220 calories per serving, 1g fat, 5mg cholesterol, 320mg sodium, 3g total carbs and a whopping 50g of protein per serving... oh and it mixes easily with water and comes in a dutch chocolate flavor that actually tastes pretty good. You should check it out.

I am going to do everything possible to follow the pre op directives because Dr. Miranda told me that with band revisions, there is always the possibility that the revision surgery would have to be divided into two procedures: one to remove the band and the second to perform the sleeve procedure after the stomach has healed. From what I understand, not eating before hand allows the stomach to shrink and reduces any swelling caused by band irritation and it also shrink the liver which gets in the way if it is too large and fatty.

So anyway, feel free to stay in touch. We could be pre op training buddies!



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Hi Eric,

Good luck to you! I have been doing my pre-op diet since February. Dr. Miranda wanted me to lose 32 pounds before surgery. My starting weight was 297 in January 2012 and my current weight is 263. I have been able to lose 34 pounds over the last several months.... and I have been using the Isopure also... great stuff. I like the Banana Cream with soy or almond milk and a frozen banana... very rich and creamy. And because I have lost the necessary weight... I now only have to do the liquid only diet for 3 days prior to surgery (September 10) instead of two weeks....yeah!

Good luck to you and your revision!

Cheers, Dottie

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