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This is the topic for those who are scheduling their surgery during the month of November. Posting in this topic gives you the chance to meet other patients that are going to be in TJ during this month. So lets hear from the soon to be Gastric Plication patients.

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48 hours after my gastric plication procedure!

I feel great!, of course yesterday was not that great, but today, Great difference!

no vomiting, no nausea, no pain.... of course thankss for the meds

i've been in liquid diet and no missing anything at all.

i'm flying back to houston tomorrow.. and start working in 2 days..

I put more info in a few days, with more of my symptoms or feelings about the procedure..


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A little bit more info...

I did my procedure in OCC Tijuana, Great service! Great personnel! Great Doctors!!!

Perfect experience, Great hotel experience too...

Before the procedure, the doctors explain EVERYTHING to me, and made me feel very comfortable..

Great nurses alsooo

Do not hesitate in asking me questions, I want to help people just as they help me before the procedure.

I'm resting today at the hotel, tomorrow will fly back.

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