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Well I had it done. Surgery went very well & I had minimal pain..Everyone @ OCC was great, I felt very comfortable & informed.

My starting wt was 235, after my pre-op diet I was 220. If I can say one thing; keep to the chicken broth. I asked for a teaspoon vs soup spoon, this made it easier to swallow & monitor how much I was putting into my mouth!

Thanks to everyone that had surgery on the 4 & 5th, I have met new friends & support buddies. I will keep everyone updated.

Post op diet is going well, drinking my liquid yogurt. Will start creamed soups on Monday. Trying to get all my liquids in, I feel I am always drinking....

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It is a long road! I struggled with cream soups. I made my own, got sick on all of them. Make your cream soup as thin as you can. I lived on Campbell's soup at hand, the garden tomato, cream of tomato, cream of mushroom and cream of chicken. The serving size was perfect and consistency was great.

Don't worry so much about calories and all that jazz. I say focus on getting food in and staying hydrated!

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I was sleeved on the 20th, I am having a hard time with the cream soups stage. Eating the same thing over and over. Sometimes I feel like going back to broth. Also having a hard time staying hydrated. I also seem to do better with hot stuff than cold. Anyone else with that problem? I will be very excited the day I can have cottage cheese and crackers.

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