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I live in tennessee and thinking about the surgery. I have seen several surgeons in monterray mexico. It is about half the cost. does anyone know about any of them. DR. Sanchez?

Since this forum is predominately used by patients of, or those considering Dr. Ortiz and the Obesity Control Center (OCC), it might be more beneficial to try another more general forum like lapbandtalk.com for info on other surgeons

However, as far as Dr. Sanchez, I heard he was a good doctor, but I just read that he was killed last week.

But please check out the OCC website and this forum if you are considering lap band surgery. There are several good Dr's in Mexico and if you do your research, you'll end up here as we did. Price is one consideration, but please consider the doctors' experience and quality of care in making your decision. Whether you travel to Monterrey or San Diego (for Tijuana) shouldn't make that much difference in your decision.

Good luck, Roger

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