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can i have lap band surgery while on coumadin

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Hello to anyone out there can I please get some help. I had a valve replacement in 2012 and am now on Coumadin for the rest of my life. Is it possible to have this surgery while taking this medicine. I tried loosing weight 1000 ways to no effect. Even spent about $20,000 at a weight loss camp (much like biggest loser) still nothing. And I was told by my doctor that my heart is fixed but if I don't get the weight off that will be what kills me now not my heart. So my only option is surgery. Can I have this surgery. Has anyone out there done it while on Coumadin. Please give me any advice you have. Im so scared of bleeding out on the table this is my only fear.

Thanks for any info


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Definitely a question for a doctor. Since that is a blood thinner, I would think you would have to stop taking it for a period of time before surgery. I know I could not take any NSAIDS for I believe 2 weeks before surgery. The OCC is very helpful answering questions like this.

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