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Traveling alone?

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I'm traveling from Philadelphia, but I plan on spending a few extra days out in Cali just relaxing before I head back to PA.

I've heard the word "fills" a few times...what do you mean you go for your fills??

If your a lap-band patient you'd know this term very well. LOL.

A "fill" or "unfill" is short for a band adjustment.

All gastric bands have saline inside of them. The more saline you add to the band, the tighter it gets and thus gives you more restriction. The opposite happens when you remove saline.

Aftercare is one of the negitives of the gastric band. This is why the trend is now going towards patients choosing to go with the VGS or what is known as "the sleeve" or placition surgery.

I can say I really loved my band. When you have the proper fill and have hit that so called "sweet spot" the weight just flies off.

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