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Two year update...doing great!

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First off, thank you OCC! I received the best care I could hope for and I recommend you to anyone looking at WLS. Even my PCP is impressed and has provided your contact info to his patients that don't have insurance that covers WLS here in the US.

Since surgery I have lost over 100% of my excess weight and have kept it off for over a year. I don't measure or track my food. I don't own a scale. I never obsessed over numbers or details. I just stuck with mostly protein and veggies while I was losing and stayed away from the "white carbs".

For maintenance I simply eat a healthy balanced diet including protein, veggies, fruit and whole grains. I make healthy choices (most of the time) and my sleeve helps control my portions. I still indulge in sweets, desserts, alcohol, bread, rice, potatoes, etc, but definitely in moderation. I still drink protein shakes and eat protein bars. Although I don't officially track, I do keep a rough tally of protein and fluids and usually exceed 70g protein and drink 64-100+ oz of fluids every day. I take my vitamins every day. I have bloodwork checked annually. I don't excercise but I have a physical job and active lifestyle. Post WLS really doesn't have to be as complicated as some people make it out to be.

So here's a recap some of my favorite 1st year NSVs....

I can cross my legs. I can even cross them in a car and under a table.

I can hop up into my saddle without having to find a rock or log to climb on. I feel so relieved that my horse no longer has to pack my fat ass around the mountains.

No more knee, ankle or foot pain. I lived on ibuprofen and tramadol before surgery. I am now completely pain free. I can also squat down and kneel effortlessly without my feet going numb or needing a table or chair to heave myself back up.

I can sprint up stairs or hike up a hill without getting out of breath at all. I've been on 15-20 mile hikes with friends and I am always out front, waiting for them to catch up.

I can shop in regular stores. I can order clothes online and I know they will fit and look great. I now dress to show off my body, Not to hide it.

Now for year 2.....

Maintenance is boring. NSVs are few and far between. Everything is just "normal" now. Spent most of the year finding and keeping that balance between what my head wants and what I know I actually need. I rarely weigh myself, but I will step on the scale at work after an especially carby weekend or vacation. I go back to strict protein/veggies or even full on preop liquid diet if I pop even one pound above my bounce range. I know I have to nip any small gains in the bud before they become big gains.

But this year also brought about the biggest NSV of all. It has nothing to do with my weight, it's all about my head and it's one I would love to not have experienced. My best friend committed suicide 7 months ago and every day since has been a miserable struggle with the grief, anger, despair and confusion. The victory in this is that I haven't buried my emotions with food and alcohol. I spent over 1 1/2 years drinking and stuffing my face after my brother died 4 years ago. In the end that only impeded my ability to heal and made me even fatter and more miserable. I learned that you have to feel the pain before you can over come it. So this time I'm feeling it all. And it sucks. I will never stop grieving either my brother or my friend, but maybe some day I can start living again, rather just going through the motions.

Anyways, thanks for reading this extended post, and good luck to all you newbies. My advice is don't get wallowed down in the "now". Don't be overwhelmed by the details. Life is more than just carbs and protein and minutes at the gym. You chose a chance at a new life....for the rest of your life. The first few months are just a teeny tiny period of time and simply part of the process you have to go through.

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Thank you so much for posting this - it is a great testimonial for those of us just starting on the journey, and personally I find it tremendously supportive and reassuring against my anxieties about the long term effects of the surgery and future lifestyle :)

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Kindle, thanks so much for sharing that. I love to read all your posts (I've read a lot of them on gastricsleeve) and find you so inspirational. I can't tell you how much it helps those of us starting the process to read from those who have gone before. You don't sugar coat but shoot from the hip. You're great success is an inspiration and constantly reassures me that I have made the right decision. My surgery is July 22. I hope to come back often and pass it forward by posting updates and encouraging others. Best regards to all.

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