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To reband or not to reband

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Is there anyone out there that has been rebanded after having band erosion? I had surgery in Oct. of 2003, and had to have my band removed in Dec. of 2004. My doctor said my band had probably eroded within six month after getting it on. I am now struggling with the idea of being rebanded, one the price because I feel very let down due to what happened the first time, and two I don't know if it will happen again, I had a horrible experience having it removed. I ended up in the hospital for nine days with a horrible infection, came home and went back to hospital three days later. Dr. Ortiz did not do my original banding, and I don't know that the surgical method was a contributor to my erosion or not, I talked to INAMED and they can't tell me either. I had it removed in the states by a wonderful doctor, but I know he will charge a lot more to put one back on than what I will find in Mexico. Tell me what your thoughts are on getting rebanded if you or anyone you know of have experienced it. Thank you

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Hi Catfanlvr

I'm sorry to hear of the loss of your band, I remember reading your story on another board.

For what it is worth, if I had erosion and lost my band and I was told my chances were good of having another one without erosion, I would do it in a heartbeat! My band is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Have you spoken with another Dr., and asked their opinion? Do they say what the success rate of being rebanded after an erosion? I wish you the best on your decision. I hope it all works out for you whatever you decide :)

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I was banded in September of 1999, in Mexico. I after losing half my body weight and going from 250lbs to 125lbs, I found out my band had slipped and eroded. I had emergency surgery in the states to remove the band. That was in November of 2000, I was devastated when I lost the band. After struggling with me weight again I was re-banded in September of 2003. So far so good no band erosion, I had a port infection after my first fill so my weight loss has been a lot slower this time. The most important thing was to find an experienced band doctor who had done re-bandings. Surgical technique is important and with re-banding it is of the utmost importance. When I was researching it I found that some docs would say sure I

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