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New looking for suggestions

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Hi everyone...

I'm just now looking into the LapBand surgery, and I would love some input! I'm confused about you guys talking about 'fills.' What is a fill? Once you have the surgery do you have to keep going back and forth? I live in PA and that would be a long flight! Any buddies would be great, I'm excited but nervous and I haven't set up the surgery yet but I really want to soon, I want to stay alive for my kids!! Thanks in advance! MassageMom

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Hi MassageMom, I have a band buddy who was banded in Tj by Dr. Ortiz and she lives in PA, she has flown back a couple of times to TJ for her fills but now has found a doctor in her area who will do her fills and aftercare for her now.

Her name on this board is LindaGr , if you do a search under members you can email her and maybe she can let you know of the doctor she uses in PA

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