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I have been so excited about my surgery. Since I first started researching the lap band I knew it was for me but as the date gets closer (June 6) I am getting a little nervous and am hoping the answers to the questions will relieve some anxiety.

How was the anaesthesiologist? Did you feel comfortable with him? Does anyone know how close is the hospital to the facilities? Is there a, I think you call them, crash cart in case anything goes wrong with the anaesthesia? I think this is the thing I am most concerned about.

Also, how close is the facility to the hotel?

Thanks so much for any informaiton you can give me to soothe my nerves!

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You will absolutely love the anasthesiologist he is great!

The hospital and hotel are maybe a mile from eachother, you can see the hotel from the window of your hospital room.

best of Luck t you on your upcoming surgery.

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I thought the anethiaoligist was great!!! I got the view of the golf course- but mom had the hotel side. They have every thining there that is on a "crash cart" don;t worry. They also have ambilances and stuff like that to transport if a problem (I am sure)

PS- I wanted to walk out when I got there- I was so scared- I cried while waiting- or maybe it was becasue I couldn't get my soap (ABC channel) at the hospital just NBC & CBS and it was a big plot day. I also missed som nursing so my breats hurt! but I was freaked I would die and leave my then three children motherless. I even kept telling them "bus accident" that was if i died- I wanted them to write it was a bus accident so Eric got more money from my life insurance.

BUT I SURUIVIED (ok hallf of me did)! Good luck

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