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'Pear' Shape Obesity

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were you asking what types of body shapes there are? I think you are asking how well pear shapes do with the band weight loss compared to other shapes right? So, if that was your question, here are my opinions: (if not, then see shells answer above :) )

I read at one site that the band is a gradual weight loss that takes weight off in the order of which you added it. So, that means that if you carry most of your gained weight in your butt, then the butt should lose as well. For example, I carried a lot of back fat in weight. That is the first place I began to lose it.

I don't know which site this was in my research phase but I remember seeing it. It also said that in order to be successful in "problem areas" (ie hips, butt, back, thighs, etc) you must concentrate your exercise program on those areas as well as having a well rounded program for the other parts. Weight needs to be worked off as well. Results will depend on how hard you work. This is still somewhat of a diet but is a diet tool. People sometimes think that the weight will melt off like gastric bypass and that just isn't so.

good luck!

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I am a big pear. After almost 100 pounds- I am still a pear- just a baby pear. However I am finally loosing moer weight off the bottom (that is cause it ialmost all gone of th etop!!!!

I am now a 10 or Medium on top and a 12/14 or large in most but an occasional 16 on the bottom. This is still close to what I was before in concept - I was a 22/24 on top 2xl and a 26/28 on bottom or 3xl. OK not really that close but same perspective. I think that is the way I am and If I want more I will have to have it the same I will have to visit a surgeon!

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