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Let's Hear Your Dr. Ortiz Success Story

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I had my surgery on April 6th 2004

My starting weight was 265. I wore a size 22

Iam now 172 and wear a size 10

Down 93 lbs in 14 months

Dr. Ortiz & martinez and the enitre OCC staff have been completely fantastic to me during the last 14 months. Not only did Dr. Ortiz save my life by giving me my band, but on April 20 2005, he saved my life again. He preformed a life saving surgery on me, not band related. A surgery the Dr.'s here in California would not do because of my band and having it done in Mexico.I owe him in such a huge way. He is truly the most caring Dr. I have ever encountered. He and his entire staff take such good care of you. Renee, Sandy, Dr. Martinez, Mrs. Ortiz ( his mother) and Dr. Miranda are all very caring people. My experience in Mexico is something I have never experienced here in the U.S.

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This is a response from a "new" bandster - and I second Michelle's response in all respects. I was just banded on May 3, 2005; have lost 19 pounds so far, and am scheduled with Dr Martinez for a fill this Monday. Both Dr Ortiz and Dr Martinez are the most caring, compassionate, PATIENT, kind doctors I've ever met. I had a 45-minute telephone conference with Dr Ortiz in April, before deciding to do this - and he answered every question I could think of. Also, during the surgery Dr Ortiz fixed a hiatal hernia, for no extra charge; my US doctor had never even CHECKED me for a hiatal hernia in spite of stomach aches lasting for months. I haven't had a stomach ache since my surgery!

My 42-year-old daughter, who was extremely skeptical of Mexico, accompanied me, and found both doctors very responsive, patient, and knowledgeable.

This is major surgery; you don't want "just anyone" --- you have chosen the very best; congratulations!

- Katie

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Hi Kim,

You are not going to believe the care you get from Dr. Ortiz and his staff. I had surgery May 26th and have spoken with Dr. Martinez once and Dr. Ortiz once since I've been home. The relief I felt after talking with both of them was ENORMOUS! What caring, gentle men! The only problem I have had with the rest of the staff is trying to get a copy of my surgical report. I am probably going to have aftercare provided by a local doctor and he needs the report. I've tried 3 times to get it to no avail. I would suggest getting a copy of the report and the card to keep in your wallet before you leave Mexico. Good luck


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