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I was an Angel today....

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Today I was an Angel for a new bandster. She is a customer of mine and has watched my transformation over the last 14 months and has picked my brain and researched the Lap band for over a year now.. Today was her day to have the Lap Band with Dr. Quebbaman & Dellal out of South Coast Medical here in Laguna Beach. I wanted to be there for her and show her my support, I know from the tears in her eyes when she saw me that she really appreciated me being there for her.I brought her a gift basket from Bath & Body Works to pamper herslef once she is up to it.. It felt so good to be able to help a new bandster today :)

I reccomend this to anyone who can help a future bandster..

I had an Angel the day of my surgery in TJ...Jennifer Pedigo who is a member here on this board and it was something I will never forget and always be grateful to her for.

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