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looking for a fill Dr. in Oregon

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Hi everyone I will be getting my band in August, and wanted to know if anyone from Oregon can tell me where they get their fills done. I would like to go back to Mexico, but want to have a back up if I can't get their. I emailed the wish center up in Washington State, but that was about a month ago, and no one ever called or emaild me back. Any help I could get would be great.

Thanks Melissa

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You can email Don Mills at Inamed

Ask him for a list of Oregon Dr.'s in your area. Then you need to call them al lto see if they take on patients banded in Mexico...many do not and the ones who do charge alot more. Here is his email address


Or you can go to this site www.lapband.com and at the top of the page there is a place to click on that says surgeon locator. Maybe you wil lfind one that way too...one piece of advice, if you do not plan on going back to TJ for your fills, make sure you line up after care in your area prior to surgery or you will be forced to go back to TJ. I have seen many who have made the mistake of not doing this, it seems you are on the right page looking into it ahead of time. I wish you luck :)

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