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Im thinking about getting this done

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im 18, 265 pounds, around 5'5. Im active but I think that ive reached my weight loss plateu. no matter how musch i diet, or pop pills, or whatever it doesnt come off.

At first I was thinking about the gastric bypass surgery, but thats irreversible and it worries me a bit.

i saw a commercial for this surgery and thought it looked amazing. My parents wont like it, i doubt they would support me getting it unless they found out i was diabetic or pre-diabetic.

I know that i cant get anywhere inn life if i dont look good, especially in the entertainment industrey. Thats why I want to do this.

I dont know how to tell my parents about this. how to convince them that this is something i have to do. I know i cant pay for the surgery (i dont know how much it costs) and i dont know anything about my medical insurance.

anyone have any ideas?

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I am 5'5 and was 265 and have lost 93 lbs in 15 months. To see a before and during pic of me go to the before and after picture thread.

I have tried every diet known to man and the weight always came back, this is the first time in my life I feel confident I will not gain the weight back, nor do I feel like I am on a diet. I am not deprived at all

As far as your parents, I understand your concern, but you are an adult now. You need to worry about you and your health and not how others wil lreact to your decision to have this surgery.

Best of Luck to you :)

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