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How many fills?

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Hi Everyone,

I was wondering, for those of you that have already been banded for a while, how many fills have you had? And did you have your fills done by a doctor in the U.S. or did you go back to Drs. Ortiz and Martinez? From what I've been reading on different web sites the patients getting their fills in the U.S. are getting up to six fills! But I remember Dr. Martinez telling me that their patients that come back to them need on average 1 to 3 fills. I know everyone is different, but I'm just curious as to what your experiences have been. I had my surgery on June 10th and go back July 30th for my first fill. I definitely need that fill too since I can eat almost as much as I did pre-banding. I appreciated your post, Jenna, where you told how you struggled until you got that first fill. It reassured me that I'm not the only one here with wondering when this band is going to kick in.


Tonya :)

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I had 3 fills and lost 93 lbs

in a year

I had to be unfilled for 2 months due to another kind of surgery and have since had 2 fills and I feel like I have very good restriction. I have gone to Dr. Martinez for all of my fills. It is true that many U.S. docs are very conservative om their fills only giving a standard ammount. Plus many U.S. docs do not useflouro, I liek the fact Dr. Martinez uses flouro, it gives me peace of mind seeing it all happen and seeing my band, & port are in place where they should be.

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I had surgery done in TJ but have had my fills done so far locally. I'm kind of sorry I did this because my local doctor is definitely more conservative. First fill was 1.5 cc and did not take at all. Second fill was only .3 cc and I got good restriction. My local doctor will fill you every 6 weeks if needed. I'm pretty sure when the next time comes I'm going back to Mexico though.

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