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Hi everyone,

I'm new to this forum, but I've been reading all of your messages. I'm scheduled for surgery on Aug 5th with Dr. Ortiz. I'm excited and very nervous. I'm just concerned with my co-morbities: High blood pressure, High cholesterol, Diabetes and Sleep Apnea. This is what I want, but I'm still fearful. Can anyone give me some advise? What to expect and outcome? I also need to know what to have home when I arrive ( food, pain meds, etc).


Craz2bme :unsure:

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Hi. Well I just had my surgery by Dr. Ortiz on Wednesday. It went well. The hotel is very nice and his staff as well. You get your tests done the first day and then you can go exploring Tijuana. I recommend Rosarito, the beach area. Next morning you go to the hospital. You have a private room. I had a view of a golf course and the mountain. The place accomodates about 8 patients. In the morning you meet with Dr. Ortiz and the anesthesiologist to go over questions. Then you walk over to the OR and the surgery lasts about 20 minutes. You have only ice chips the rest of the day and night and you sleep there. I brought my laptop as they have connections there and wireless. The next morning the Dr. comes in and discharges you and his next group of patients come in. Then you go back to the hotel and do whatever you want. We all felt a bit weak so we rested. I did some walking later that day. Contrary to what a lot of people say online about not needing pain meds, we all did, but it wasn't severe. I think that I strained myself a bit carrying my luggage at the airport and my port area is very sore and swollen, but everything else is ok. I actually have already lost 2lbs and although my stomach is grumbling a bit, I don't feel hungry. I am very glad that I went through with it. Good Luck!

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everyone has a different tolerance for pain i myself still have the whole box of anti-inflammation pills i took two throughout my whole experience

congratulations you are now a bandster

isnt it great

im just about 5 weeks post op and i have lost 23 pounds and i look and feel so different in a good way

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