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New to this...any negatives?

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I just scheduled my surgery today with Dr Ortiz for 8/25. I have been doing a lot of research on Lap Band surgeries and Dr Ortiz, and how found very little negative comments on either. Does anyone have any advice for me or things I should know? After researching Dr Ortiz, he sounds wonderful and it sounds like I'll be in good hands. As for the surgery, have any of you had any major complications or problems?

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As with any surgery there is a possibility of complications. Have people had problems with slippage? Yes Have there been erosions? Yes Are the majority of people living with a happy healthy band? YES! Erosions and slippage are something that can happen and Inamed wants you to be aware of all of your risks as make an educated decision. Have you ever gotten a medication that says "may cause nausea or constipation"? Do you still take it? Yes. Being aware of the complications does not mean it happens to everyone and doesn't mean it happens often. It just means that it has been proven that it can happen at all.

From the people I have known have the band, I have never known anyone personally that has had those complications. I haven't had any problems ((knocks on wood)).

Dr. Ortiz does take care of his patients. I don't think he would ever in a million years put you at harm on purpose. If you band erodes, he will tell you straight up and take it out, you wait 6 months and maybe get a new one. He would NEVER not tell you. He would try and make it better and fix the situation. I have COMPLETE confidence in Dr. Ortiz and Dr. Martinez when it comes to this band!

I commend you for wanting to find out the good and the bad of the band. If you want more specific information about others stories I suggest going to www.lapbandtalk.com where there is a ton of information about all topics, including erosion and slippage.

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Double-ditto for me. There are always risks. However, I feel this is the least risky WLS & the benefits FAR outweigh the risks.

I also want to add that incidences of slippage/erosion have decreased over the last few years due to advances in banding technique. I thing Dr. Ortiz is on the leading edge of what's best. Also, if you look on other sites, such as LBT, you will see that SOME people that used SOME other doctors have harder recoveries, stitches (we don't) drains (we don't), etc. Also Dr. Martinez is an expert on giving fills.

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