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Any fill Dr's in VA?

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I'm hoping to have surgery by the end of Aug. All I have to do is call back and confirm but the only real thing holding me back is I live in Va (I live in Roanoke)and and Tijuana is a long way for me to have to go in case of an emergency. I can do a couple of times for fills but to keep flying 2500 miles across country several times a year, I don't know if I can afford that for myself and husband. If anyone knows of a good lap band Dr. in VA who will do fills for me or take care of me in case of an emergency I would really appreciate the info.

Also, is anyone else having their surgery Aug. 23, 25 or 30? Thanks so much!

P.S. I love this forum, it's so helpful...so is lapbandtalk.com

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I was just banded on August 4th and they really, really want you to return for at least your first fill because they say they have seen many inexperienced doctors do a poor job, and the initial fill is really important. However, I did find a doctor in Vienna (not sure how far away that is) and his name is Dr. Elariny....check www.alagsa.com, which I believe is his website.

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