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Revision, Thank God

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My name is Teresa and I had the VBG back in 1989. I lost about 126 lbs. but in 1991 I got pregnant, had my baby and gained about 30 lbs, I was never able to lose those 30 lbs. and little by little I gained most of the weight back. After about 7-8 yrs I had no restriction and easily gained back up to about 260 lbs. My original weight before the VBG was 286.

Within the last two yrs. I have tried to find some sort of surgery for me to have, but each time it was that because of the VBG there was nothing to help me. Back in Feb. 2004 a friend at work told me about some of her neighbors that had the Lap Band and were doing great. I went to one of the meeting given by Dr. Grossbard her in Florida and spoke with Dr. Grossbard about by situation. He said he would have to see by X-rays from a barrium swallow but he might be able to help me. Dr. Grossbard had had the Lap Band done by Dr. Ortiz.

I had the barrium swallow and went back to Dr. Grossbard, he said no problem that I would be his first revision. I failed the psych. test so Dr. Grossbard could not operate on me (I think because of a liability issue). He told me I recommend you to go to Tijuana and the best doctor is Ariel Ortiz, he has done more Lap Bands and has done revision already.

Well I went to Tijuana and had the lap band on 6/24/04, and my surgery went great and thank God I've had no complications. The whole experience in Tijuana was great, I had the surgery on Thurs. and on Sat. and Sun. went shopping and site seeing. It was like a vacation.

Dr. Ortiz and Dr. Martinez have given me, a 43 yr old mom of two, hope to live a healthy, normal and productive life. I have a 20 yr old and 12 yr old daughters. My 20 yr old is scheduled for surgery with Dr. Ortiz on 9/2/04 and she is so excited. I know that this will give her a chance for a healthy life.

I started out weighing 282 and am down to 260, I am schedule to have my first fill on 9/4/04 when we go for my daughter's surgery. I will probably have Dr. Grossbard do any other fills needed.

My family and I want to thank Dr. Ortiz, Dr. Martinez and the whole staff at Obesity Control Center.

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