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Lapband when you have serious heart issues (yes or no?)

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I have been thinking about lapband for a while now. Talked to my reg. dr about it also. I am 5'8" and I am 250lbs and I'm 36yo. My regular dr seems to think it is an okay idea, but I have serious heart problems. I have an ICD(pacer/defib) because my heart races and won't stop. I have a rare heart problem and any surgery could be risky. I am inactive(not much choice) and have tried to be more active but now that I'm 250lbs and have lung/heart problems it is extremely difficult, especially on steroids. I can not do any streneous activites period. My questions are how hard is it to get your insurance to approve it? What are fill in visits and does ins. cover them? Are you put to sleep always or can you have other methods performed? Has anyone had serious heart problems and what have your drs suggested? Are the risks that may happen worth the chance when you know you have a weak heart? How long does it generally take to see a dr. and how long before you have surgery? Are there alot of requirements up front? How long will you be out of work? I guess my weight alone is hard on my heart/lungs also, but I don't won't to have serious side affects just to be healthier and to be thin. Please tell about your experiences. Thank you very much!

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