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surgery day almost here.

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Hi everyone I hope you are all having a good day. I know I'm sitting here just counting the day's until my kids go back to school. Anyways my surgery is next thursday, and about 3 weeks ago I got an email from occ,and they wanted me to set up a phone cons. with Dr. Miranda. any ways I never heard back from any one, and I was just wondering if every one has to go on a liquid diet a week before surgery, or only if they tell you you need to. My sister is also having this done and they told her to go on a liquid diet before hand, but said nothing to me. Sorry for going on. If anyone can tell me what you were told that would be great.

Melissa :)

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Hey! Mq!

I do not think everyone has to go on a liquid diet B4 the surgery, it really depends on your weight i think..... I was @ Dr Ortiz oficce about three weeks ago just for a consultation and he wants me to to lose some weight B4 the surgery.... i also spoke to Dr miranda that day and she got me started on a diet and she di advised that shw would have me go on a liquid diet 15 days b4 i have my surgery :( ..... anyways! i hope this helps.... you can also give'em a call and i'm sure they will wal u back.. Dr. Ortiz is a great guys and has a wonderful staff.... Good luck with your surgery!! :)

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Depending on your weight, you may be asked to go on a liquid diet. Dr. Ortiz advised me to go on a low fat diet prior to surgery... but didn't require me to go on a liquid diet. Good luck on your surgery... I was banded on June 28th and am going for my first fill on August 27th.


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