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Newly banded and GAINING!!!!

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:( Help!!

I was banded on 8/16/05, and I've gained 1.5 pounds from my pre-surgical weight. I was on liquid protein for the week prior to the surgery, and I lost 10.5, but now I'm home and eating only clear liquids. Yesterday I ate two half cups of broth, a half cup of jello, and water. THAT'S IT!!! But my weight is up! I'm freaking out. Can anybody help???



Banded by Dr. Ortiz 8/16/05

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Your normal, when you have surgery they pump your body with all kinds of IV fluidsloaded with potassium , sodium and other nutrients., give it a day or two and it will go away. When I had my sugery for bowel obsturction..I hadn ot eaten or drank a single thing for a week and gained 15 lbs but 3 days after my surgery I pee'd all of the 15 lbs out. Dont panic..it's normal..also be prepared pnce yopu go from liquids to solids you may see a weight gain, again it is normal.

Best advice I can give you is to NOT weigh yourself all of the time. It will drive you crazy..I weigh once a week, Monday morning.

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:) The problem is you are watching it to much. I was scared to weight my self. Because I wanted to lose so bad. It will come off. Your body is adjusting. Just give it some time. I had my surgery on 06/28/05 and I have lost 30 lbs. Just continue to walk a little and and drink fluids. Try not to get on a scal for like a week.
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Here is a post I posted on another board for all of the newbies..

For new bandsters

I keep reading about the same thing here over and over again so I wanted to put my two cents worth in for all of you new bandsters

that it is perfectly normal to not lose weight during the first 6 weeks. You have NO fill...the band is desigend to work it's best with fills! It is also normal to not lose during the liquid phase since you are not taking in hardly any calories. You know that old addage that our bodies will conserve whatever we put into it if it thinks we are starving it and that is what is most likely happening during the liquid phase. It is also normal to see a gain when you go from liquids or mushies to solids so do not panic...Do not fret or get discouraged. Most of us here were where you are at one time or another. Once you are healed and getting your fills things will change I promise. One thing I have learend during my 17 months with my band is there are going to be times when I do not lose on the scale but I'm losing inches. I'm also gaining my life back so when the scale doesnt move, think of all of the possitive things in your life that have changed since you got your band. For some of us it has been getting off blood pressure meds, for others it is getting off insulin, for others it has been more energy,for others it is no more sleep apnea and for others it is No back or joint pain. My list is endless of all of the possitvie things that have happened since my band You get my drift, I'm sure. Do not let the scale dictate your success or failure with the band. The band is a lifelong tool, this is a lifelong journey it is going to take some time but the key is patience. The key is to also follow the rules to a degree. Do not go and get a fill that is so tight you can not take in solids and think it is smart cause you will lose weight that way. All you are doing is risking the longevity of your band..You have all made the first step to a happier healthier life. I can not stress enough the importance of patience. The band is not a miracle or magic wand, the pounds are not going to fall off. If you have the right mindset, one day at a time, the good with the bad, you will succeed. The band does not do ALL of the work, we have to do some of the work too..Patience Patience Patience!!!

P.S. Did any of your Dr.'s tell you that the first 6 weeks is not about weight loss but about healing? Any weight loss during the pre fill stage is a bonus? THey should have if the ydidnt .. How many of you got the Inamed Handbook after your surgery? This is very helpful to all of us not just the newbies but to us who have been banded for awhile. Here is the link you can go to and print it from your computer


Also, stop weighing everday!!!!.it becomes an obsession. It dictates your moods. It is the perfect way to sabatoge your efforts. I weigh once a week every Monday morning. If you know you are doing everything right and following the rules what the scale says should not be your #1 importance , you will lose inches without the scale moving, 'I'm living proof of that. I have not lost much wieght in the last few months but my clothes are bigger , my body shape is changing , I'm, exercising and eating right. I'm happier and healthier..

I hope my two cents worth helped you in some way

Best of luck to all of you :)

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Your "two cents worth" info was very informative.

Can you tell me what you make of my scenario? I was banded 6/21/05; was not hungry, did not have cravings and had an easy time of it for 6 weeks, losing 20 lbs. I went for a fill in TJ from Dr. M on 8/6 and since then its been all bad news. I am hungry all the time, crave sugar again, and seem to be able to eat much more than before to get fill. I have not lost a pound since my fill. My fill was a 1.6 and Dr. M told me of his fear of giving more when I told him I wanted a tight fill.

Have you heard of this before? All of my feelings are the same as prior to surgery and I was under the impression I could eat small portions but the beauty of the band was I would not feel constant hunger pangs.

What do you think? I will be asking Dr. O and Dr. M for their advice, but would like to hear your opionion.



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