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I had three children the day of surgery and I cried the day of surgery that I was so worried I would never see them again! (that little adivan pill really does a number on you when you are already scared)

I am so happy I did it! We run play and have fun. I can now fall down and get up when we do ring around the rosey! I love feeling great! and I know it is making my kids enjoy things a whole lot!

I now have four little ones and it is so onderful knowing that not one morbid obese picture will ever be in Miranda's album. Even now my little girl calls my "fat" pictures the other mother. I will always keep them up- but it is so weird (and she is 2 so she doesn't know better)

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Of course it's totally your decision to make, but definitely doing research on the percentages of risks of being obese vs the percentage of risk with the lap band made up my mind (I'm a numbers girl, what can I say?) I have a 3 yr old myself, and my surgery is scheduled this coming Thursday. I ain't gonna lie, I'm nervous but the benefit outweighs the risk for me. I want to have the energy to be able to play with my daughter and do all the things I miss doing. So do some research and this forum is an excellent place to find answers to your many questions. Once you hear from people who have had it done & all of their experiences it will make your decision much easier to make.

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I have 3 children and this is one of the reasons I had the lap band, to be around to take care of them, to participate in things with them, to be able to do more fun things with them.To not have them be embarrassed of me when I was in public with them .. I was either going to die of obesity or the risk surgery to have the Lap Band...I chose the Lap Band and am here today almost 100 lbs lighter and my kids and husband have reaped so many benefits if it s wel las myself :)

I sat go for it...Just do it!

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