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Considering lap band

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I am considering the lap band but would like to find out some information.

First of all, I had my stomach stapled (not bypass) in 1986 and reversed in 2004 because the opening in my stomach was almost completely closed and I was not able to get any solids down and sometimes no liquids. I was wondering if this would prevent me from being able to get the lap band.

Second, what kind of weight loss results have those that have had the band experienced?

Thanks for your help.

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Dr. Ortiz has done the Lap Band on alot of patients who had the bypass so you have come to the right place...people have come from all over the U.S. to have him do this procedure.

For me my weight loss has been 95 lbs in almost 17 months..I went from a size 22 to 8-10

I love my band and couldnt be happier.

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I have checked out surgical weight loss at great length. I've chosen the ALB for several reaons: it is the healthiest and least invasive surgical procedure, recouperation time is nominal, side effects are minimal, it can be reversed, and it has the fewest complications with the greatest success rate. I studied the band that is used in France and the one that was developed in Sweeden and chose the Adjustable Lap-Band instead: it has the US Pattent so the doctors here are most familiar with it (the only doctor I could find in California who knows the French band is in San Francisco), it has been used for many years with a low incidence of complications (most of which are minor), and other bands that are available out of this country seem to have no design benefits or user benefits that surpas those of the Lap-Band. I chose the TJ clinic on the highest reccomendation: I've worked with plastic surgeons for over twenty years so I know lots of them and not one said anything negative about Dr. Ortiz, most were very complimentary of his cinic and his skills; I've a dear friend who heads the the facial, head, and neck plastic surgical department at one of the most elite and prestigeous universities in the country and he had only good things to say about Dr. Ortiz....In fact the ony doctor who said a dicouraging word was tying desperately to get me to come to him for the surgery and his charge was more than twice that of Dr. Ortiz. I hope this helps with your choice and I wish you the best of luck.

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