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We are here!!!

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:D I just got banded on the 23rd, what a wonderful experience. Dr. Ortiz also repaired a hernia at the same time that I had. Is it normal to feel a slight pain when I take a deep breath on or about the port incision? Sometime I get scared of coughing deep to, is that normal?



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It went great! I can't believe how simple it was. I am so excited! Dr. Ortiz, Dr. Martinez and their staff were so wonderful. I can't believe I had surgery just three days ago. I just got back from walking my dogs and am going to work tomorrow. My mom had a gastric bypass four year's ago and she was still in the hospital after four days. She wasn't able to go back to work for over a month!

I'll keep in touch and keep everyone up to date on my progress. Thanks for all your advice and support!

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I'm ba-ack! What a wonderful experience! I had the surgery on Wed. 8/24 and flew almost 3000 miles miles home yesterday (Sun). Dr's Ortiz and Martinez plus staff and, not to be left out, Mrs. Ortiz ("Little Energizer Bunny", Dr. O's moma) were all beyond my expectations. Our Hotel Lucerna was close by and was very nice.

I met so many other nice people that were banded within a couple days of me and had many enjoyable conversations with many of them.

I could go on and on but I'd probably just bore you to death. If anyone wants to e-mail me privately with questions I'd be glad to try to answer them.

To all of those that I met in TJ and were banded along the same time here's a big HUG and Hello from Bill and me! Hope all are up and around and feeling great.


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Whoo-hoo, it's done!!! All went well & it was great to meet Carolyn and the other new Bandsters (and of course the beautiful Dr Ortiz) face to face. Thanks everyone for their support & to all of those thinking about it, it was the easiest procedure I've ever had done. Shoot, it was easier than getting my wisdom teeth yanked!

Everyone in TJ was great and I think my only complaints would be that the sense of time and schedules is a little different here in the States (even here in So Cali) and I would've liked a few more pain meds to take home (the liquid Tylenol just doesn't quite cut it) other than that, it was a wonderful experience and would tell anyone thinking about it that it was a surprisingly simple and mostly a painless experience...and I would highly recommend Dr Ortiz and his staff!!!

I'll keep you all updated on my progress! :rolleyes:

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