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Share a ride Saturday June 9th

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The clinic is picking me up from the San Diego Airport on June 9th and am looking for someone else who is flying in that day and would like to share the cost. It is $65 each way. I am flying in at 9:30 and flying out at 3:30 the same day.

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Hey there! I'm going in june too but, around the 22 or 23 I have a day or so to play around with.

Kelly C. in Fl.

Weightr before 4/1/07 241lb.

Per-Op 4/25/07 221lb.

Post Op Today 5/7/07 213lb.

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My best friend and I have our fill on the 9th as well, but we are flying in the night before. We have a family member that lives in San Diego so she is going to take us to the border on Saturday AM. Hopefully we'll see you in the waiting room. :-) Our appt's are at 11am and 11:30am.

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