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Fill Trip: San Diego airport to TJ ??

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Hey there Queen! :D How are you doing? I want to eat solid food so bad. Just one bite of pizza would be sooooo great :P ! How about you? I have scheduled my first fill for Oct. 1 but now I'm wondering if it's too soon. I talked to Rene and he said they do the fills on Saturdays and Mondays.

Thank you for the cab advice.

Take care. <_<

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I'm doing good! I just weighed myself and I couldn't believe my eyes - I'm down 15 lbs! Geesh, I never thought I'd be so happy when getting off a scale! :P Man, I know about that pizza! My husband was pigging out on pizza last weekend and it was so hard to sit there smelling it while sipping Gatorade! I actually chewed on a tiny piece of cheese and spit it back out - now that's bad! Since I've added yogurt, I'm feeling much better.

Hmm, Oct 1st? That's just shy of 6 wks right? Did you talk to anyone there about it if it was too soon? I can't see how a couple days would make a difference.

Take care!! :)

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