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Fills in florida?

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I am in florida and Dr. Ortiz is doing my surgery on the 22nd. after my first fill that will be done in mexico iwould like to get my fills in florida where i live. does anyone know of any doctor who can do it. I have ask a couple here and they said they can't do fills for foriegn doctors patients.



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Email Don Mills at Inamed, ask for a list of Florida Inamed Dr.'s.

You will have to call all on the list and see if they take on patients who were banded in Mexico, many U.S. docs dont and if they do they charge a fortune, so it may be cheaper to fly back to Tj if it is for just fills but you should have a local Dr. lined up for your lap band in the case of emergencies, I would hate to see you to have to fly back to TJ in the event of an emergency with your band. Many E.R's do not know much about the lap band, I know this first hand from my own emergency experience with my band, fortunatley I live close enough when my ER turned me away I drove to TJ


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