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Back from Surgery on 9/14

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Hurray for me!!! I am now a Bandster... I was up and walking around about 2 hours after surgery. Boy will I tell you... being in the hospital with lots of energy and nothing to do was terrible... If you plan to go, take something to do... I brought books but I wasn't in the mood... I walked everywhere on the floor... I think the nurses were about ready to shoot me.... finally at about midnight they brought me in a sleeping pill and wouldn't leave til they watched me take it... and then I was up again the next morning bright and early.

All the nurses were great and Dr Ortiz and his staff are phenomenal.

I won't say that I didn't have any pain after surgery... but it is only when I stretch my muscles on the left side a bit too much... lifting... twisting... but as of 2 days later that only twinges... not really a pain... I do have a lump in my throat... swelling making me feel like I am REALLY full. But that too has gone down alot... and it is not always there.

I am on my way to the new me and there ain't no stopping me!!!!

Christine 5ft8

Banded 9/14 by Dr Ortiz in TJ

Starting Weight 282/Goal Weight 165???

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