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Border Crossing Information

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Hello Fellow Bandsters!

Here are some numbers from my phone that have come in handy. Do you have any to add?

Tijuana Tourist Info

Tijuauna Visitor's Information Center


State Secretariat of Tourism of Baja California


Tijuana Border Crossing Conditions


Tranport to Border on U.S. Side From San Diego

San Diego Trolley's Blue Line


Border Parking

Border Station Parking / Secure place to park.


Mexicoach Shuttle / Transport to Central TJ from Border Station Parking - Transport from TJ to Border & then to Border Station Parking. Departs every 30 minutes / 7$ roundtrip per person / Mexicoach terminal in TJ is a 5$ cab ride from OCC and so is the border, But the bus takes you directly to the border crossing station and you pass quickly where a cab takes you to the walk-thru entrance. Also on days there are delays it is much better sitting in an air conditioned bus than standing in the hot sun waiting for entrance to the border crossing station.


Drive Across the Border

Baja-Mex Auto Insurance


Bob Baker Ford Auto Rental - For Driving Into Mexico


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