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Mushy or Soft


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Hi Everyone!

I was banded 8/4 and because I had a hiatal hernia I have to extend the liquid phase of the post-op diet by one week which pushes everything back a week. Can anyone tell me if there is a difference between mushy foods and soft foods? I was hoping I could add mushy during the protein drink week. If there is a difference, could you please give me an example of mushy vs. soft foods? :huh:




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Hi Doris

You know that is a good question..I thought there was not a difference but as I sit here and think about it , I'm not so sure now. I would think that oatmeal or cream of wheat , mashed potatoes, refired beans would be considered mushy foods but can also be considered soft foods too. Sorry I'm not much help but maybe you can call Marissa and ask her, or email her. She is always available and helpful.

Good Luck




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