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Hi again,

I am on stage 3 post op diet. Questions reguarding foods allowed at this stage. I am allowed jello, but is sugar free pudding ok?

Also, can you sprinkle grated cheese in soups? One last one. At what stage can you have watermelon again? Thanks Laurie07

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THis is definitely not what you are going to want to hear!! If you cant drink it through a straw you arent supposed to eat it until you go to solids. I think you would be okay with the cheese as long as it isnt much and you can see it disolve into the soup- if it is still "sticky" you will most likely have issues with it. Watermelon- oh wonderful watermelon- this one is going to be after you are released to full solids- but then again it all depends on how your "new" stomach reacts to it! I am barely at the point where I can have watermelon and that is only because I am in dire need of a fill!! You will find that many people have different foods that give them difficulties - but the time you go through this the most is after your first fill. Good luck!!!

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