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Dr. Ortiz is the best

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I was in TJ yesterday with a freind I made on surgery day, we were both getting banded by Dr. Ortiz a day apart. We have kept in touch in the last 4 months and have become very good friends. She decided to have her aftercare done by her local doc in PA but there was a problem, when she went in for her first fill last week she was informed that her port had flipped and he could not do the fill unless she had port revision surgery. She was devastated with the news so she called Dr. Ortiz last week and told him of her situation, Dr. Ortiz reccomended she come into see him from PA so she did and I picked her up at the airport and then drove her down to his office where he worked his magic. Dr. Ortiz was successful in getting her port to flip in order for her to get a fill without surgery, it did flip back and she was so happy and relieved the Dr. Ortiz was able to help her. While I was there I decided to get my 2nd fill and it was nice to have Dr. Ortiz preform it personally, now I have had a fill from both Martinez and Ortiz and couldnt be happier!. Dr. Ortiz is a very caring and experienced surgeon, his aftercare is excellent and I will continue to refer patients his way. Thanks to Dr. Ortiz and his wonderful office staff (Gabrielle & Alicia)for a job well done and for being so caring and kind to all of us!!

Two happy bandsters here




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Hi Michelle,

Sounds like you're doing well! Seems not that long ago we were walking across the border..... time does fly by.

I haven't posted in a long time but I'm doing very well and am so happy with the surgery and where I'm at today. Kind of want to hold out posting details until the 6th month mark, which will be Sept 26.

Say hello to David for me.

Big Steve

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Hi Steve..so glad to hear you are doing good.

Yes I went down for a 2nd fill. This fill I think is the sweet spot everyone talks about. 3 weeks and down 8.5 pounds all ready. I will definately say hello to Dave for you. Keep in touch

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