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Kidney Stones

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I was banded about 2 months ago and have felt great. However in the last few days I noticed that I wasn't urinating very much, and when I did, I was producing very little. Then, Saturday night I woke up with horrible abdominal pains, and went to the ER, where they took a CT and told me I had kidney stones! I have never had this before, and while I know it can be a hereditary thing (my Dad has had them), I was wondering if it could be a result of the band. (More protien in my diet, etc.) Has anyone else had this happen to them?

Oh, and when I was at the ER and told them about my band...they had no clue what it was! And neither did my family doctor! :blink:

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Personally, I think it's a coincidence that you had kidney stones shortly after being banded. They take a while to form, and it seems unlikely in such a short time they would have developed. I had one a couple years ago. The biggest deterant is to drink lots and lots of water. If you want a direct and correct response, I would suggest you email Dr. Ortiz directly and ask him. He will write you back and then you will know for sure if he's seen this before.


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Usually it is from calicum and oxalate (from decaf products). My husband has had numberous stones and after years of restricting calicum was told it was from a lack of calicum. Also he has had a pacemaker and since then the kidney stones has drastically declined. Most likely caused from him having such a slow heart rate before and not getting the blood flow to the kidneys that is required to filter.

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