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Newly Banded

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It's been almost 2 weeks since I got my band placed by Dr. Martinez. So far I have recovered well. In fact, I was back to work on Monday from a surgery on the previous Wednesday.

My porthole seems to be fine at this time. The only thing I am struggling with is the liquid diet. To be honest, I've put a few really soft vegetables in the broth and blended it like crazy. At least that gives me some satisfaction, and I don't believe it has casued me any problems. It goes down as easy as clear broth and contains no further calories. Honestly, 2 more weeks of this stuff will be tough, but I'm ready to keep it as calm as possible so that the band doesn't move. I guess I'll find out more when I get my first fill.

I am interested if anyone has gone outside of the absolute clear broth requirement. I'm not sure if they want you to stay on that to lose weight, or to make sure the band does not move. In my case, I've had no pain or discomfort in blending my soup, or adding some creamed soups to my variety.

I am glad to hear from any of you and your experience.

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Keep up the good work!  And welcome to bandland.

You said banded by Dr. Martinez.  Is he doing bands by himself now???  Dr. Ortiz was not there???

My fault. yes, Dr. Ortiz was there. I found both of them very personable. Very good experience with both Dr.'s

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Oh and to answer your question about the liquids. It is for healing purposes. When solid foods are put in the stomach, the stomach is a muscle that must contract and "work" to digest. They don't want any unneccessary "work" for the stomach as it may cause your newly placed device to move around. At least, this is how I understood the explanation they gave to me.

In my opinion, the "no mushies" is purely for optimum weight loss though. That part sucks as by the end of the second week I was hurting BIG time and wanted/needed/dreamed of a mushy.

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I had my surgery in Louisvile Ky. Just a few miles from me. All 8 of doing surgery yesterday Nov 23 did great. They are doing 10 today, their are lots of banders, and I am happy to be in such good company as yourselves..

I am really sore today. I can walk good but geting up adn down is a struggle.

But this to shall pass... :rolleyes:

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Warning - this is long and I also posted it on Utah and Mexicanbandster yahoo groups!

Hi Everyone, Warning this is long...

Just a note to let you know I made it back alive and well from surgery on 11.18 with Dr. Ortiz. Today is day 6 and i'm feeling pretty good. Had extreme nerves prior to and right up to wheeling me in but it wasn't as bad as I had imagined. Dr. Ortiz/Dr. Martinez and staff are beyond awesome and they put me most at ease. Surgery day is very blurry for me - don't remember a lot of the day until evening and my husband is loving telling me stories. The nurses were the most compassionate people i've ever run across. My main nurse (if only I could remember her name) sat outside my door for 3 hrs after surgery constantly checking on me (my husband was touched that the nurses always rubbed our heads/held our hands, etc.)Travel day was the worst as gas pains struck with a vengence - i looked deranged at the airport and all the way home. They are better today as my guy rubs them out of me now. The best news is I lost 5lbs before surgery and almost 5 since and i put on pants today that were so tight i couldn't even zip them and they are zipped and low on my waist - can't believe it.

i have the usual soreness everyone describes but not too bad - i'm taking it pretty easy but each day working and doing more. i'm following the diet 100%. Strangest thing is dreaming about messing up and eating food and having to spit it out! Emotions have been all over the place but things seem to be leveling out. Thanks to everyone who helped me get to here - i'm here for anyone out there that has a question/etc. Bottom line - I'm so glad i picked Dr. Ortiz and staff - it was the right decision/doctor for me. Hugs - mary

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