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It's my bandiversary!!

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It's been a year since I was banded and it's been an interesting year. =D> Here are the most recent photos I have...I need to take new ones since I am about 8 lbs thinner now... I am 15 lbs from goal. It has been a tuff road but I'm almost there. I have learned that the band is definately not magic. As some of you know, I have had my share of tuff times with the band. I also learned that it's at least 50% exercise. The band is just a tool but I definately don't regret getting it and it has changed my life forever.


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(running around tossing confetti in the air)

you go girl! Congratulations!

Happy Bandiversary, Happy Bandiversary, Happy Bandiversary, Haaaaaaaaaaaaappppyyyy Bandiversary! yes... Lori is singing :lol:

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Guest LilLisa

Hi Housecatgirl! I have been looking through the forum and wondering if perhaps we have some common ground. I have my surgery scheduled for July 17th, 07. Would you be willing to tell me about your experience through out the process? How much was your starting weight and how tall are you? Do yu have any helpful hints? Thanks, LilLisa

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