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Is this normal?

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Ever since my fill I have been obsessing over the fact that I don't think Dr. M made me tight enough. The reason I think this is because even though I am only eating about half a cup of food...I have not had any problems with PBing (ever), and I can eat breakfast in the morning with no problems (95% of the time). I keep thinking that since I have not experienced these things my band is too loose.

Bfore my fill I had lost about 34 pounds, and I was only able to eat about a cups worth of food (less than a whole Lean Cuisine), so Dr.M felt that I didn't need a huge fill. He gave me 1.2 cc's which seems to be less than a lot of people on here. I realize that the band is different for everybody, but since my surgery I am obsessed with the scale! ARGH!

Since my fill (3 weeks ago) I have lost about 12 pounds, which I guess is what I should expect right? How can I know if I need another fill? Other than having the scale stop moving...what other "signs" are there?

I know I need to stop obsessing over this, but I can't help myself. :rolleyes:



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Apryl...Your obsession is normal, but be thankful you are not PBing , that is not something us bandster should be doing, sems to me you are following the rules which is why no PB's yet.

1.2 cc's is normal range , my first fill was 1.1..I only have 1.5 cc's total now in my band.

Many do not realize we must not depend on the band to do all of the work, it is just a tool to help us do the work. I have managed to lose all of my weight with never being too tight where I can not eat solids and PB often and I have lost 102.5 lbs

Here is a good site to help you with the question about fills

http://lapbandtransformation.com/Adjustments.htm it helps me tremendously.

As far as the scale obsession, be careful that was my downfall..in the beginning I would get so discouraged with no scale movement, it would dictate my moods for the day. I would sabatoge myself. I only weigh once a week and wow does that make a difference!

If you are losing, thats all that matters.. we do not want to be filled too tight. The band was designed to still be able to eat solids without PBing or slime or pain...being filled too tight leads to too many problems.like reflux, slippage, frequent PBing etc...be greatful you are losing and are at 1.1 ccs and NO pb's..you are every bandsters dream :)

You are doing a great job! :)

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Thanks Michelle....another perspective always helps. And you are right...as long as I continue to lose weight...I guess it doesn't matter how many cc's I have. I do have a question though....what are the "slimes". I have seen people refer to this, but I have no clue what it is! Sounds gross. :huh:

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