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Eating turkey---Beware!

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Just thought I would pass this on to all my fellow banders. Thanksgiving is coming up and lots of us will be eating one of my favorite foods....turkey. Well, this past Wednesday evening I cooked a turkey breast in my crockpot. I pulled a piece off to see how it tasted and Oh Baby! Stuck!! I was affraid to drink water because in the past when I felt something was stuck and drank water that made it worse. I really panicked. Finally, my husband called Dr. Ortiz's cell phone and he actually answered it! He said turkey was the worst thing to eat since it's considered to be a very dry meat. He said to drink some water and everything should be okay. I did and it went down. Maybe, If I had eaten some gravy with it or something to make it slide down I would have been okay.

All of you with bands, PLEASE be careful when eating turkey! As much as I hate to, I'm not even going to try to eat turkey again except for processed packaged turkey, I can eat that but it's not as good.


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A trick I have learned is to take a bite of turkey or chicken or beef with a bite of vegetable together..OR take a bite of meat dipped in some kind of sauce..both work great. It is when I do not do the above mentioned I get stuck

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I went out to dinner and ordered turkey and after one bite I could tell it was not a good choice. Nothing got stuck but it just sat there and made me feel like I was going to choke. Not pleasant! I guess this Thanksgiving I will be eating sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie! Oh well!


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