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Anyone being banded on November 10?

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I want to be a ninja...

Hi everyone. My name is Mike, and I am being banded on 11/10/05. I'll be travelling to TJ by myself, so I'd really like to hear from anyone else who will be down there around the same time. A couple of questions for all y'all:

1. Has anyone had problems with their spouse based on their decision to have the surgery? My wife encouraged me to go for it, but once she saw that I was serious, her mood sort of changed. I can't decide if she's worried about me, angry that I may be jeapordizing my health, or worried that I will be a different person after I lose weight...

2. What kind of pain meds/anesthetics do they use? I had some problems weaning myself off narcotics a couple of years ago (knee/back injuries from the army) and I don't want to go through that again. I guess I'm worried about my anxiety level (especially on the flight back home) more than the pain. Any advice/tips?

That's all for now. Please respond to my post or email me at: michael.smith.esq@gmail.com



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