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Getting banded Aug 1st 2007 Eugene Oregon

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Iam getting banded Aug 1st in Eugene Oregon with Dr Yarbrough. I guess Iam one of the lucky ones, my insurance covered all the surgery but $1,750. I would like to know If anyone else has gone to Sacred Heart for the Lapband and If it was a positive experience? I would also appreciate any feedback on the surgery and what to expect. Any tips or tricks would be great.

Iam 37, I have had my thyroid removed 3 yrs ago. Iam concerned that the lapband will not be successful due to my thyroid problems. I do feel motivated and joined a gym. Iam also a chronic diet soda drinker and I now have 2 weeks to get off the soda. Is it really alot harder to lose weight compared to Gastric with the lap band? Thank you, Butterfly 37

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