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When to get a fill

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I wanted to know when you should get a fill. I was told it was different for everyone and I wanted to know when everyone here got their first fill, how often you get a fill, and how many fills you've had.

I had the surgery a month ago tomorrow and I'm starting to think I need a fill because I have no resistance, I can eat anything without problems. My appetite is a bit smaller, but not much. I feel full for a while after I eat but I'm eating alot of food so I should feel full for a while. I'm starting to feel like I'm only dieting and exercising, like the band isn't doing a thing. I know there has to be more to it, so I think I may be ready for a fill.

Any information or suggestions anyone could share is greatly appriciated. Thanks!


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Hi Jennifer~

I had my first fill at 5 weeks, second fill 6 weeks later and I havent had one since then. I am 8 months out and have lost 95lbs.

I am at 1.5cc in a 4cc band.

I dont plan on having a fill anytime soon, as long as Im still losing.

Good Luck!




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