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silicone bracelet for represent lapband

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Let us introduce ourselves: We are Caroline Dumas (a future bandster) and Nancy Teasdale (1 year post-op). We are both young French speaking ladies living in the province of Quebec, Canada.

As members of a French Canadian bandster support group, we followed-up on a suggestion to create a silicone band for the lap-band, in a similar fashion to the Live Strong band for cancer or the pink band for breast cancer. The response was amazing!

This bracelet exists for several reasons, the first being to represent a symbol that identifies us all to each others as bandsters. For lots of us, it also serves the purpose of encouraging and reminding us, on a constant basis, of how proud we are that we took this great path towards health and a better life, as well as to get the support from those close to us, ones as they wear it too. Ultimately, this bracelet represents an excellent way to raise awareness of the lap-band.

About 7 weeks ago, we collected suggestions from members of our forum to find a slogan to write on the bracelet. We then proceeded to a survey with all members to chose which of these slogans would be their favourite. "Renaissance - O - Rebirth" came out as the slogan that represents what the lap-band means to the clear majority of us. "Renaissance" is the French translation to the word "Rebirth" and the circle (- O-) actually represents the lap-band. The colour that was favoured by the majority is midnight-blue, that we feel is sober and of good taste. The picture of the bracelet can be found here: http://scratandboo.com/rebirth%20band.htm)

Once all decisions were made as per the aspects of the bracelet, we proceeded to order 100 of them, which are currently sold out. There is now a waiting list for a second order. Since the bracelet is written in both English and French, we think ic could be of interest to bandsters from outside of Quebec. That's why we are offering it to you.

The price of the bracelet is $4, plus actual shipping ($1.50 for shipping to US and $1.00 for shipping to Canada). The shipping price remains the same whether you order 1 or 10 bracelets. You can either mail us a cheque to that amount or send us the money via Paypal.

We wish to emphasise that we are not a company nor an association. We are not selling this silicone band commercially or to incur a profit. We are simply two bandsters, pre-op and post-op, who responded to a request from our fellow members, nothing more. We are actually offering you this bracelet at cost, considering that we only order small batches of them at a time (which increases the price per bracelet), and that we also have to pay for taxes, brokerage fees, duties, enveloppes, milleage to go to the post office, not withstanding the numerous hours we gladly dedicate to the task of promoting the bracelet, receiving the orders, preparing and mailing them, etc.

It's up to you to decide if this silicone band is for you. If so, do not hesitate to e-mail Caroline at nelf000 @ yahoo.ca and to indicate the quantity of bracelets you need and your mailing address. Upon receipt of your e-mail, a confirmation reply will be sent to you, including the mailing address to send your cheque to or the e-mail address to send your Paypal payment to, whichever is your favourite method.

We appreciate your trusting us and hope to hear from you!

Caroline & Nancy

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